Summer Staple: Straw Hats

IMG_7625One accessory I love in the summer is a straw hat. A beautiful straw hat is a great purchase that you won’t regret. They are a classic summer staple and never really go out of style. Whether you’re going to the beach or around town, a straw hat instantly makes an outfit look cool. Personally, my favorite style of a straw hat has a wider-brimmed, but there are so many gorgeous fedora and cowboy hats out there that I’ve seen make women look fantastic.

 My straw hat in the photo above is from Everything But Water and is by the San Diego Hat Company.

Want more? Here are some of my recommendations:

1. J.Crew Panama Hat

2. Michael Stars Fedora

3. Hat Attack Fedora

4. Ale Hats Cowboy Hat

5.  T+C by Theodora & Callum Multicolor Straw Hat

My Favorite Ring

IMG_7617IMG_7613There are few things in life as beautiful as Cartier jewelry. I have always dreamed of receiving a coveted Cartier “Love” Collection piece ever since seeing gorgeous ads in Vogue when I was young. I had even (kind of shamefully) ordered a knockoff “Love” ring from Etsy years back. My dream came true when I was gifted a Cartier “Love” ring.

The Cartier “Love” Collection is one of the most iconic and timeless collection of jewels. I worship my “Love” ring and wear it almost everyday. You know that one thing in your closet that makes you feel just absolutely special wearing it? That’s how my “Love” ring makes me feel. I could be wearing the crappiest clothing in the world, and I would still feel fabulous with that ring.

Note: The dress in the photos above is Jen’s Pirate Booty. You can find it here.


IMG_7413Hey guys! So as I said in my last post, I wanted to tell you all about Firefly Music Festival. First off, it was amazing. I have never been to a music festival in my life and this definitely did not disappoint. I wanted to go to Firefly or any music festival after seeing amazing photos of major fashion bloggers and celebrities at Coachella (which I dream to attend one day). Firefly is located in the Woodlands of Dover, DE, so not that far from D.C.

If you haven’t really heard of Firefly Music Festival, look it up, because it actually attracts pretty major line-ups. My favorite was (surprise!) Paul McCartney, as I am a Beatles fanatic! Some other amazing performances were Zedd, Odesza, Snoop Dogg, and The Killers. The whole festival had such good vibes and was a completely chill crowd to be surrounded by.

Besides the music, I also cared deeply about what outfits to wear! I knew this wouldn’t be Coachella style, but I figured that people would still rock rad outfits, and I was (partially) right. It was a mix of bikini tops and denim shorts and then stylish festival outfits. Warning to anyone that wants to attend this festival in the future–the amount of mud is INSANE. My friend who went last summer said that all that mud that I experienced this year was actually all dirt and dust last summer because of a drought, but I didn’t really think about any of this when picking out my shoes. You see those adorable Topshop rose gold sandals in the photo above? Well, RIP those shoes. They are now sitting in my garage, covered and destroyed by the 3-feet deep mud that I stepped in with those on. So, if you’re thinking about going, do NOT wear your cute shoes (unless they’re flip-flops, hiking boots, or high top Converse).

The picture above was from the second day and that guy in the photo is my wonderful boyfriend. The outfit I wore on this day was the same outfit I posted in my first blog post about overalls a few weeks ago! Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of my outfits for the 3rd and 4th day. On the 3rd day, I wore my One Teaspoon denim shorts (the best shorts EVER), white leather Chuck Taylor Converse, and a vintage Levi’s shirt I got from a vintage shop in Brooklyn, NY. On the 4th and final day, I wore my Free People Voile and Lace slip, paired with my white leather Chuck Taylor’s. I think that if I went next summer, I would definitely be more adventurous with my outfits.

Back From Vacation(s)

It’s been a while since I last posted, but that’s because I’ve been so busy! It has been an amazing past couple of weeks, as I went to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE on June 18-21 and then I just got back today from a four-day trip to Bermuda. Both trips were filled with amazing memories that I can’t wait to share with you guys.

I wanted to post a couple of photos–one from Firefly and another from Bermuda. In my next post I’ll be talking all about Firefly (the music, people, fashion…), so stay tuned!



Summer Trend: Mules

When first laying my eyes upon a pair of mules in a store this spring, I was pretty much baffled. I remember seeing shoes like these back in the late 90s and early 2000s (a terrifying time for fashion). The only people that I’ve seen wear them since then are grandmas and my mother for gardening shoes (the non-heeled ones, of course).

I tried on a pair of nude ones by Rebel from South Moon Under, and I’ll admit that I loved them the moment I slipped them on. Not only are they comfortable and easy to slip on and off (perfect for summer), but they instantly make an outfit look fresh. They’re less sorority-girl than wedges, but much more relaxed than pumps. The look of them has been updated since back when they were in style, so don’t worry, you’ll look completely modern wearing them.

Some of my favorites include pairs from Forever 21South Moon Under, Rag & Bone, Jeffery Campbell, and these AMAZING ones by Matisse.


Summer Trend: Overalls

I’ve been seeing overalls everywhere this summer–around town, in stores, and magazines. I adore overalls because they give a cool, low-maintenance vibe and don’t require a lot of effort to put together an outfit. I bought my first pair of overalls from South Moon Under and honestly I was a bit intimidated to wear them at first, but once I realized how easy it is to put together a trendy outfit with them, I had to force myself not to wear them everyday! So don’t be intimidated by this cool piece; it will turn heads and looks great with anything.

My favorite places to find a pair of overalls (long and short) are Free People, South Moon Under, RevolveShop Bop, and Nasty Gal.

For cheaper options, try Forever 21 and Zara.