Summer Trend: Mules

When first laying my eyes upon a pair of mules in a store this spring, I was pretty much baffled. I remember seeing shoes like these back in the late 90s and early 2000s (a terrifying time for fashion). The only people that I’ve seen wear them since then are grandmas and my mother for gardening shoes (the non-heeled ones, of course).

I tried on a pair of nude ones by Rebel from South Moon Under, and I’ll admit that I loved them the moment I slipped them on. Not only are they comfortable and easy to slip on and off (perfect for summer), but they instantly make an outfit look fresh. They’re less sorority-girl than wedges, but much more relaxed than pumps. The look of them has been updated since back when they were in style, so don’t worry, you’ll look completely modern wearing them.

Some of my favorites include pairs from Forever 21South Moon Under, Rag & Bone, Jeffery Campbell, and these AMAZING ones by Matisse.


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